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With over 45 years of trial experience, we aggressively defend each of our cases. Practicing almost exclusively in criminal defense, our firm is known throughout the state and federal systems for innovative and effective defenses.


Contact us today to set up a free initial consultation, in which we can discuss your case, examine the evidence against you, explore defenses to the accusations, and examine potential ways to dismiss the charges.

Criminal Lawyers Defending Your Cases Successfully for over 45 Years

If you are accused, investigated, or charged with a crime, contact Margoles & Margoles immediately.

Prior to any charges being filed, we can investigate your case, stop police from harassing you, and at times put a stop to the allegations without you even being charged. We scrutinize every search, seizure, arrest, and interrogation for constitutional violations, which may lead to suppression of evidence and your case getting dismissed.

If I am Guilty, how can you help me?

First, we examine any way to get your case dismissed on constitutional grounds. Second, the charges against you portray you in one-dimensional terms. We can lessen your punishment and maybe even keep any conviction off your record by showing the court who you really are. We often do this by working with psychologists, treatment centers, and letters of support from loved ones.

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