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Many people charged with assault are falsely accused or were defending themselves or others. Some accusers have underlying motives for making false allegations and many others later regret making the claims of assault when they were intoxicated or in the heat of the moment. Even when alleged victims are unreliable or change their stories, prosecutors still believe you are guilty. We will go to bat for you.

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Domestic Assault

Many times a significant other will make an allegation that gets blown out of proportion and ends up with job loss, inability to support children, and loss of housing.  Additional civil restraining orders can also be imposed.  We’re willing to work with the entire family to do the right thing.  Call us to help with your or your loved one’s case.  

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We'll help clear up blatant lies, mere misunderstandings, and he-said /she-said situations to keep you from being convicted of something you didn’t do. You can rely on us to help you.

Some assault convictions can be expunged from your record.  You can get your life back.  Call us today to see whether you are eligible.

Assault convictions can be expunged

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Assault convictions don’t just affect your criminal record.  Most employers, landlords and schools will reject someone with an assault conviction on his or her record because they automatically assume that the person is dangerous, will be disruptive, and could present them with potential liability problems.  Additionally, even misdemeanor domestic assault convictions will take away your right to possess guns and even hunt with a firearm.

An assault conviction will change your life.

Assault & Domestic Assault