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People can suffer an injury and become addicted to painkillers. When the doctor finally cuts them off, they might not be either physically or mentally capable of resisting the temptation to continue using without a prescription. Depression, anxiety, or other mental or physical health issues can also lead individuals to self-medicate with non-prescribed drugs, such as methamphetamine, opiates, marijuana, etc.

Drug Possession Charges

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Have you been charged with a drug related offense?

Drug sale and trafficking charges

Some individuals, for one reason or another, get involved in drug sales. Many times, individuals who are self-medicating with illegal drugs cannot afford the drugs that they are taking, so they end up selling in order to pay for their own habit.


Others will sell marijuana because they do not morally believe that it should be a crime. Still others fall into drug sales because they were unable to find other means of supporting themselves and their families.


No matter what led to your predicament, we will defend you.

Can we keep this off your record?

Even if you are caught red-handed and you have no chance of winning at trial, there are still ways that we can keep your record clean. Many times the attorneys at Margoles & Margoles will be able to obtain stays of adjudication under a special statute (Minn. Stat. § 152.18) or use Diversion Programs to keep our clients from having any criminal record. In order to get one of these special opportunities, we need to talk to you right away so we can start strategizing your defense.

Following the arrangement of appropriate bail and release conditions a successful case outcome requires careful initial evaluation and investigation. We can help you with the process.

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Possession of even a small amount of any controlled substance other than marijuana is a felony. This includes small amounts left over on a mirror, a scale, or in a bowl of a pipe. Possession of 42.5 grams or more of marijuana is also a felony.


Any sale of any amount of a controlled substance (including a single joint of marijuana) is a felony. The term “sale” also includes possession with “intent to sell.”


Minnesota recently passed new drug laws that make possession of some trace amounts of drugs a lesser crime, while imposing harsher penalties on sale offenses. Contact us immediately so that we can explain the new laws to you.


What if I need treatment?

If you need or think you may need treatment, we can help you through that process. This includes a chemical dependency evaluation, chemical dependency treatment, and mental health treatment, if needed.


In virtually all negotiated cases, the court will demand a chemical dependency evaluation and will order the person to follow the recommendations of that evaluation. If we know that an evaluation will occur, it is always best to be proactive and get it done before the resolution of your case. Following the recommendations of the evaluation in advance can help get a negotiation or sentence which may involve no criminal record and/or no jail.


What types of drug cases does Margoles & Margoles handle?

We handle everything from major federal drug trafficking cases down to minor state cases like misdemeanor possession marijuana in a motor vehicle. All drug offenses are important to the person charged and can affect your life far into the future. Even an offense like possession of a small amount of marijuana can impact your future employment, housing, and reputation. Whether or not you feel that your charged offense should morally be a crime, you need to protect yourself by calling us for a free consultation.

Common questions about drug cases

Yes. If it is a misdemeanor charge, it can affect your driving record, criminal record, and cause significant employment and housing problems in the future.


If it is a felony charge, you face all of the potential felony consequences, such as jail or prison, random testing, loss of gun rights, in addition to employment and housing issues. Furthermore, most record checks do not indicate whether your conviction was for marijuana, methamphetamine, or heroin.

I’m only charged with marijuana possession. Do I need an attorney?


Drug Charges