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By Michelle Margoles, Apr 28 2017 05:03AM

If the police had no right to stop and search your vehicle, enter your house, or search your body, we can get all charges dismissed because the police violated your Fourth Amendment rights. Even if the police obtained a search warrant, we have successfully gotten the charges dropped because the search warrant was illegal.

These issues need to be carefully examined from the beginning. In order to do so, we will demand all of the police reports, search warrants, recordings, witness statements, photographs, and chemical test results. After obtaining this information, we will go through it all with you. You are the person who knows what really happened.

By Michelle Margoles, Apr 27 2017 11:32PM

If you are convicted of a sex offense or other “registerable” offense, you must register as a predatory offender with the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension for a minimum of 10 years. In some circumstances, you may be required to register as a predatory offender for the rest of your life. In fact, if you are charged with a predatory offense but only convicted of a minor, non-predatory offense (such as petty theft), you must still register as a predatory offender if that minor offense arose out of the same set of circumstances as the originally charged registerable offense.

Registration requirements are complex and often difficult to follow. A registration violation is an additional felony charge carrying mandatory prison time and additional registration requirements. It is extremely important to contact an attorney well-versed in predatory offender registration law and experienced in fighting charges of violating the registration requirements. Contact Margoles & Margoles today if you have any questions about your registration requirements.

By Michelle Margoles, Apr 27 2017 11:29PM

In almost all sex offense cases that are resolved without going to trial, the courts will require individuals to complete sex offender treatment. Not all sex offender treatment providers are right for each individual. We are familiar with the treatment providers around the state and make sure to help our clients carefully choose the treatment location most appropriate for him or her.

We also often work with psychologists, psychiatrists, and sex offender treatment providers to ensure that each client succeeds in treatment. Treatment can be very difficult and involuntary discharge from or failure to complete a program can mean many years in prison.

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